Established in 2017, WeShot wants to break down complexity of video production globally by offering brands access to the platform of ideas, and gathering talented video professionals on the platform to pitch their ideas to the brands.

Founded with the objective to bring forth affordable video production, WeShot International Sdn. Bhd. (1216409-H) is a cloud creation platform which enables brands and agencies to source for video contents and collaborate with the global creative community, with an aim of a seamless video production process.

We believe creative ideas should never be hindered by high video production costs, and undiscovered talents should be given the opportunity to shine. Thus, leading to the establishment of WeShot, to bridge “I need videos” and ‘I make videos”.

Housing a growing community of diverse talents including videographers, script writers, animators, editors, directors, compositors, sound engineers and other talents, WeShot streamlines the tedious sourcing process into an Easy and Effective discovery of hidden professionals to create the Engaging video.

Why WeShot


Hassle Free


WeShot streamlines the tedious sourcing process into a flexible and quick discovery of video production crews that will help you produce your ideal video.

Hassle Free

100% Quality Control

All professional video talents are manually screened by our quality control experts to give you the peace of mind in choosing the perfect video producer for your video.

Hassle Free

Budget Control

YOU CAN NOW DECIDE YOUR OWN BUDGET! WeShot's goal is to make sure your money is worth & getting your ideal video at the same time.